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Enable MMS for iPhone 3G and 3GS on 3.1 – Update through iTunes (Jaibreakers Go Ahead!!!)

September 28th, 2009


After an entire summer of waiting (and of complaints), MMS for the iPhone has finally arived. The highly anticipated update, which AT&T pushed out on-time, is now available via iTunes for most AT&T customers. As you probably heard or read, all you have to do is install the update via iTunes and reboot your phone.

What does it mean for those Jailbroken iPhones running 3.1? Can you just click the update button and hope your phone will have the MMS and “SERVICE”??? Well, I decided to try it out with my iPhone and give it a try… I’m running 3.1 OS (Custom Restore IPSW – Partition: 768mb) on my 3G iPhone which includes Cydia (So it’s Jailbroken).

After the update message box came up stating “An update to the carrier settings for your iPhone is available. Would you like to install it now?”

NOTE: If you’re running 3.0 or 3.0.1 then follow these tutorials to get MMS enabled on your iPhone.

I have click on the “Update Settings” button hopping for the best. After I rebooted the phone everything seemed to be normal and the service was available. The MMS is available as well so to all you jailbreakers out there, If you have a Jailbroken iPhone running 3.1 OS (Custom Restore) go ahead and update your carrier file / ipcc through the regular iTunes update, it will not lock your iPhone and it will not deny you of any services.

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