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How to Download and Install Safari Download Manager 1.5.0 which is iOS 4, iPhone 4 and iPad Compatible (Cracked .Deb)

August 16th, 2010

Safari Download Manager 1.5.0 Cracked .deb file download

In this tutorial I will show you how you can install fully functional Safari Download Manager 1.5.0 on you iPhone 4, 3Gs and 3G and iPad for free without paying a penny for it.

By the time you complete this tutorial you will be able to use the new and updated Safari Download Manager 1.5.0 to download all types of files, directly onto your iDevice through Safari and them access them later through iFile or any other app, and the best part about it is; it’s 100% FREE!!!

Safari Download Manager 1.5.0 is an extension that adds a powerful, highly-configurable download manager to the iPhone’s web browser. Like never before, you can take control over downloaded file types, and harness the true power of the network connection on your device.

  • Choose to download more than one file at a time!
  • Choose to break out of the limited downloading you used to do!
  • Choose to make your iPhone the mobile computing platform it deserves to be!
  • Choose Safari Download Manager for all your downloading needs!

New in Safari Download Manager 1.5.0

  • iPad support! iOS4.x support! iPhone4 support!
  • Less UI stupidity! (blame Safari)
  • Support for Download vs Download To! Downloads save to the default download directory unless Download To is selected.
  • Change the default download directory to ~/Media/Downloads (instead of ~/Library/Downloads)
  • Save downloads anywhere in /var/mobile!
  • Resume more downloads than before!
  • Configurable download retrying! Configurable download queue length!
  • Don’t overwrite files indiscriminately! Only overwrite them discriminately! (Never!)
  • Fix some memory leaks.
  • Fix the bug that caused large downloads (>2GB) to show up as negative.
  • Add tap&hold downloading for images (like “Save Image”, except saves it to a user-chosen location and not the photo library.)

You can purchase and download Safari Download Manager 1.5.0 from Cydia store for $5.00 or you can give it a test drive and install the Full Version of Safari Download Manager 1.5.0 cracked .DEB file and install it per instructions listed below.

Safari Download Manager 1.5.0

NOTE: You must have a Jailbroken iPhone or iPad in order to get this accomplished… IF you need to Jailbreak your device then please read this article and use JailbreakMe tool to get your device jailbroken

  • If you’re using PC you have to have/download WinSCP
    (If you don’t know what WinSCP is please Read This Article)
  • If you’re using Mac you have to have /download CyberDuck
    (Same as WinSCP but for Mac)
  • Make sure you have OpenSSH installed and running on your iPhone
    (If you don’t know what OpenSSH is please Read This Article)
  • You have to Download Safari Download Manager 1.5.0 .deb File and Save it to your Computer


Start WinSCP and connect to iPhone. In host name field, type in the IP address of your iPhone. Make sure the port number is set to “22” by default this option is already set to 22 but in case it’s not then change it. For user name use “root” and for password use “alpine(NOTE: This user name and password is the same for all iPhones and iTouch iPods ever made by Apple). Don’t worry about any other fields or options.

Once you have logged in to your iPhone, browse to private/var/mobile directory.


Copy/Move the “Safari Download Manager .deb” to your iPhone in this directory: private/var/mobile

Now while in the WinSCP go to Commands Menu at the top and then select “Open Terminal” or just press “Control + T” on your keyboard to open the Terminal window.

Once the Terminal Window opens up, you will need to type in this command into the “Enter Command” field… Type in dpkg -i Safari Download Manager 1.5.0 .deb and then press the Execute button.

dpkg -i Safari Download Manager 1.5.0

Now ReSpring or Reboot your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. After the iDevice restarts or resprings, you can start using your Safari Download Manager 1.5.0 in Safari. Remember, you will not find any icons on your SpringBoard.

DOWNLOADS Safari Download Manager 1.5.0:

DOWNLOAD – Safari Download Manager 1.5.0 .deb (Cracked)

DOWNLOAD – WinSCP for Windows

DOWNLOAD – CyberDuck for Mac

NOTE: We cover the OpenSSH and WinSCP for Windows in This Article… These tutorials will get you started on OpenSSH and WinSCP so you can have a better understanding of exactly what it is and how to use these tools.

Enjoy your Full Version of Safari Download Manager 1.5.0 for iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch on new iOS 4.0.x Firmware. Remember, you will not find any icons on your SpringBoard after you install Safari Download Manager 1.5.0.

  1. mmm
    August 16th, 2010 at 22:50 | #1

    i never got this working, it was even RED when i looked after it in cydia installed apps ;O and then , when i restarted the phone, and respring’ed for the second time, it was no where to be seen.

  2. August 17th, 2010 at 04:17 | #2

    Hey there… What exactly are you talking about? This is a plugin so you will not see any icons just like I said at the end of the article…

    You should go to Safari and open any page, you will be able to see the “DOWNLOAD” button at the bottom of the safari browser.

    Try downloading something through safari.

  3. cdelmonte
    August 26th, 2010 at 16:23 | #3

    I do all but always I recive error… I try with Teminal with Iphone but is tha same…

  4. Fanya
    August 30th, 2010 at 07:53 | #4

    the package has dependent problem with this com.p2pworlds.p2prepoicon… What’s now?

  5. Danny
    September 2nd, 2010 at 22:51 | #5

    cant install due to “dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed”

    Depends: com.p2pworlds.p2prepoicon


  6. TJ
    November 24th, 2010 at 13:49 | #6

    same dependencies problem??

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