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TetherMe 1.3-12 Cracked – How to install TetherMe 1.3-12 for iPhone 4, 3Gs, 3G for FREE (Cracked .deb) Free Tethering via BlueTooth

October 2nd, 2010

TetherMe 1.1-2 Cracked .Deb file

TetherMe 1.3-12 Dynamically enables native tethering for iOS3.X and iOS4.X+ devices. This app (TetherMe) will enable tethering on any iPhone and should work on any carrier without the need for customized bundles or preferences.

TetherMe also bypasses signature checking and allows you to edit your carrier bundle manually if you so desire. This is required to enable MMS functionality on T-Mobile. TetherMe does not enable the loading of APN configuration from .mobileconfig profiles at this time.

Currently the most popular way to enable tethering is via MyWi app which is available in Cydia/Rock for $19.00 or $9.00 upgrade… Of course we have a cracked version of MyWi available along with a very detail tutorial in this article.

The difference between MyWi and TetherMe is obviously the price; MyWi is as stated above runs at $19 bucks… ThetherMe is available in Cydia for $1.99 so there is a big difference in price.

Another big different between TethereMe and MyWi is the way these apps make the tether connections. MyWi creates a WiFi Hot Spot to which you can connect your computer via WiFi Connection…

TetherMe creates a tether connection via BlueTooth which is more secure but if you don’t have a bluetooth on your computer you can’t connect to the internet using the TetherMe app.

Alright, I think you now should know just enough about the TetherMe app to decide whether you want to install it or not. I say go for it… You can have MyWi and TetherMe running on your iPhone so you have nothing to lose.

NOTE: You MAY need to reboot your iDevice if upon installation or removal cellular service does not return.

Remember, there is no icon for TetherMe app so don’t look for it on your Springboard

After installation or reboot, tethering will be available to turn on in SETTINGS>>>GENERAL>>>NETWORK, or you can also install the Tethering Toggle for SBSettings for a quick shortcut.


You can also add iPhone Techie repo in Cydia and install it from there. here is the repo: http://cydia.myrepospace.com/iphonetechie/

NOTE: You must have a Jailbroken iPhone in order to get this accomplished… IF you need to Jailbreak your device then please read this article and use JailbreakMe tool to get your device jailbroken

  • If you’re using PC you have to have/download WinSCP
    (If you don’t know what WinSCP is please Read This Article)
  • If you’re using Mac you have to have /download CyberDuck
    (Same as WinSCP but for Mac)
  • Make sure you have OpenSSH installed and running on your iPhone
    (If you don’t know what OpenSSH is please Read This Article)
  • You have to Download TetherMe 1.3-12.deb File and Save it to your Computer


Go ahead and download the TetherMe 1.3-12.deb File and Save it to your computer. You can download this file from HERE or at the bottom of this tutorial.

Start WinSCP and connect to iPhone. In host name field, type in the IP address of your iPhone. Make sure the port number is set to “22” by default this option is already set to 22 but in case it’s not then change it.

For user name use “root” and for password use “alpine(NOTE: This user name and password is the same for all iPhones and iTouch iPods ever made by Apple). Don’t worry about any other fields or options.

Once you have logged in to your iPhone, browse to private/var/mobile directory.


Copy/Move the “TetherMe 1.1-2.deb” to your iPhone in this directory: private/var/mobile

TetherMe SSH into iPhone

Now while in the WinSCP go to Commands Menu at the top and then select “Open Terminal” or just press “Control + T” on your keyboard to open the Terminal window.

Once the Terminal Window opens up, you will need to type in this command into the “Enter Command” field… Type in dpkg -i TetherMe_1.3-12.deb and then press the Execute button.

TetherMe Terminal Command

DOWNLOAD TetherMe 1.3-12:

DOWNLOAD – TetherMe 1.3-12.deb (Cracked)

DOWNLOAD – WinSCP for Windows

DOWNLOAD – CyberDuck for Mac

NOTE: We cover the OpenSSH and WinSCP for Windows in This Article… These tutorials will get you started on OpenSSH and WinSCP so you can have a better understanding of exactly what it is and how to use these tools.

Enjoy your iPhone with BlueTooth Tethering after you install and enable the TetherMe 1.3-12, Let me know how TetherMe is working out for you and if you like it more than MyWi

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    August 21st, 2010 at 14:08 | #1

    If you are having trouble after installing it, try removing any additional profiles you have – Settings > General > Profiles. Doing this worked for me.

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